Springing foward (Poem by Brian Hughes)

Got some new poetry I wrote for the book I’m working on and plan to be releasing this summer

I really have a love for the change of the seasons and i get inspired by them every change

so I wrote a poem called springing foward.

Springing foward by Brian Hughes

Only 5 seconds to remind me reviviing my creativity from the frozen block of creativity. Dont get me wrong I have a strong feeling for the cold but the bright greens that spring foward the imagination in my dreams let the seeds grow and blossom all at the same time, because what is really time when daylight savings rewinds me mine and springs them foward again with a catapult full of flowers, trees, bees and the fur of a doe  and deers knees please let me get that hour more, because i sure do need that extra time, 1 more ray of sunshine and a little sleep.  My bones have been de-thawed and its time to be awake embrace and the concrete and take the trucks made of thunder and go skate



stay tuned for more coming soon

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