EMORAP Music Monday

so those aware of bands like afi or hawthorne heights know that their lyrics were just so 2009 emo kid. well take that very essence and combine it with trap beats and taking it to suicdial lyrical wordplay its destined to be a new musical genre  i just found my self into a dark abyss of lit trap beats and anime music videos. I love it. So without further wait i talk about some new music ive listened to this monday.

$UICIDEBOY$ is a group i came across because of the anime music videos which i thought was sick!

the style of music really talks about a lot about suicide and homicide i feel like it would be something a school shooter would listen to before he commits genocide


bang bang, just remember its ok to cry.

you ok bro?  this song reminded me how much one piece is too long and it continued into the vaporwave rap phase of the world.

Dont get me wrong i love the style it just seems like its sad and lit at the same time

i’m so apathetic over my aesthetic because its 2009 all over again.

stay tuned for more post on the way hip hop pope chronicles coming soon

>>>>DGAF<< <<


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