the change in the leaves, the crisp in the breeze

Its by far my favourite season of all time really when the leaves change color and the temperature drops to a cool and breezy, sweater wearing,bonfire going, pumpkin spice coffee drinking, dressing up for halloween time of year. Most of all you can watch the best peanuts special of all time! O great pumpkin ARISE

Whats your favorite part about fall/autumn? is it the cuddling of a significant other while watching cult classic horror flicks? or going to a pumpkin patch and picking out that perfect pumpkin? whatever it may be I hope you guys are ready for fun times this year

I always like to add a visual to the post here at DGAF and this drawing I did a while back is peanuts halloween inspired, almost telling a visual story about where snoopy could be hiding. Maybe even the great pumpkin got him already……DUN DUN DUNNNNN 1380426_675249582499475_1261508813_n

Be sure to check out some of the autumn inspired poetry ive written

which can be found here

a hint of yellow

Fall (a girl named autumn)

hope you guys continue to follow and enjoy the post here at


remember the fallen ones from 9/11

and never forget deadly cartridge

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