1-800-zombie music monday

today is a glorious day for music

and posting music you may or may not have heard of

but im taking it wayyyyyy back this time

to the myspace days

this monday im featuring a myspace band I still listen to because they’re so great and creative

so 8-bit and raw

1-800-zombie where’d you go?

1-800-zombie – That Lady Is a Bush

1-800-zombie – Unicorn

1-800-zombie – Burger Party

1-800-zombie – XXYY

1-800-zombie – Portable Game System

ahhh gotta love those myspace days, I know I still do

hope you enjoyed some of the songs or maybe even all of them because 1-800-zombie is great circa 2007 to infinity!

heres a cup meme

also heres a cup

you were looking kinda thirsty

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