to live in a Burrito cocoon

how one even becomes a cocoon is hard enough to explain but a cocoon made of burritos is a mission in itself. I have finally found the key to everyones heart. I’m in a metamorphose of blossoming out of my burrito cocoon and evolving into the pure essence of chipotle. Yes cheesy delicious meat filled chipotle burritos. Bound to give heart attacks from every bite I am so confident when I take the first steps out of the tortilla shell holding such wonders my scrumdillyumptious treasures unbenounced to man, woman, cat or dog….or catdogs will bring joy to the world. With flavors such as seasoned chicken, spicy beef, and even taste ready for vegans I am one with the food gods and thunder thighs. You will wonder why such a delicious treat even exist but dont question and do not fret for I am here for you all inside a wonderful very well wrapped burrito cocoon.



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