How did Hendrix inspire you today?

back in the day I made a drawing a of the jimi man himself

this was when i didnt fully understand shades and skin tones that you could get with just an ordinary pencil

but my inspiration was purple haze

I had to keep it school friendly since it was going to part of the school art show so i used a purple crayon instead of the “illegal” substances he had haha

jimi henxdrix

A new follow of the blog DGAF actually posted a video of him covering “Hey Joe” with a cool etching he did back in the 80’s

check him out >>> ted griffin <<< check him out

very nice with a cool garage rock feel to it.

Who knew even today after he’s gone he’s still inspiring people with his music and causing them to be creative

Even artist get inspired by other artist And jimi got inspired by one of my favorite bands which is the beatles

SO heres an awesome video of jimi covering the beatles

sgt pepper lonely hearts club band


be sure to check out Nature’s Newest single “thirsty” Kaleidoscope dropping October 31st


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