Off my writing hiatus! (where the f*** have you been??)

Sorry guys Ive been doing a lot of good things lately but at the same time Ive been going through a lot of personal things and it just made me almost forget what I really enjoy doing which is blogging and writing the interesting post here at DGAF. Ive been Dj’ing parties, making art, showing in art shows, working (about to be working 2 jobs) and playing video games with friends so with all of that its just been such a hectic schedule to find time make post on here BUT! im off my hiatus and getting back in the groove of things. In september Im gonna be going to school for tattooing so when i come back home i’ll be a liscensed tattoo artist! which is a big step for me and my art career and hopefully can take me further in what I want to achieve in life. Ive also been working on my next music project which is Ubiquitous and already have 2 tracks finished just unreleased but stay tuned I might just even let you guys hear them since you’ve been lovely followers since the get go! for real thank you guys for staying because It really does mean a lot to me that you come to the post I make every so often. I’m gonna try my best to make a post every other day and i’m getting back into writing poetry as well so stay tuned for new poetry, new art, new music, new randomness and all. Thanks for following DGAF


10392361_1538216129798951_6896630213255987416_nbe sure to check out my DJ nimbus page

and if you’re interested in the artwork I make go check out my art shop over at

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