just when you thought it couldnt get any better for anime movies…

Recently I just found out about some awesome new movies to be expected by the end on this year and next year

this recent friday,  the first actual seen visual of a NEW yes NEWER than battle of the gods Dragon Ball Z film to be released in 2015


the magazine the this news was put out in also lets you know what the title of the movie will be and its going to be called Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu no F which in japanese means ressurection

did I mention that frieza is coming back?


in the video the text and audio is in japanese but translated it says

Text: The entire universe eagerly awaits
Text: Original concept, scripts, character design
Text: Akira Toriyama
Shenlong: Now, say your wish. I will grant you any one wish only.
Text: There’s someone I want you to revive.
Shenlong: Your wish has been granted.
Text: The worst wish in history. Now, despair begins.

thats pretty exciting in my eyes, and honestly I couldnt have asked for more after battle of the gods but then they just gave us more like for real? thank you.

In Other news Hayao Miyazaki says he’s never going to stop making anime just not with studio ghibli

the newest but i believe to be the last of its kind, studio ghibli film When Marnie Was There

will surely be a film to look forward to

let me know what you guys think in the comments below

what animated movie are you most excited for?

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