Steve the deep sea diver (Web comic update #1) the beginning!

“Steve the deep sea diver and his trusty space whale travel and explore the unknown down below. The fearless diver descends down to the ocean floor and what he finds is something out of this world.Covered in rust, weird looking ocean plants, and sand, A chest that wasn’t meant to be seen by human eyes was accidentally found by the curious diver and with a pick of the lock, the chest opened with ease….”

I’ve been thinking of ideas for a web comic and something that dealt with exploring the unknown just felt right to do. Ive worked on making storyboards for my story ideas but never actually done anything like this before. Although I have worked with making characters and going into deeper detail about their personalities and traits this hopefully can be something I can have a lot of fun with and hopefully something you guys can enjoy too. Heres some sketch ideas that came about from talking with my friend “PONS” he’s a pretty cool dude go check out his page >> <<steve the deep sea diver IMG_1076 IMG_1085

I’ll probably have some more sketches done for a rough draft of it soon but let me know what you guys think of the idea. I’m new to the web comic world with a passion to make one ,so if anyone had any advice on going about it that would be awesome.


17 thoughts on “Steve the deep sea diver (Web comic update #1) the beginning!

    • thanks! I could definitely see some of mike nelson being used for inspiration in this and yes his head does come off with the helmet. The eye inside helps out our guy steve to see as well.

  1. I am really loving the information you’ve been imparting on your web site regarding comics and graphic novels. Do you ever run into deadline issues? A number of my blog visitors have complained about my blog not having enough relevant content for their demands. Do you have any tips to help fix this issue? Perhaps you can post your ideas in one of your posts. .

    • Thanks, im glad your enjoying the content posted here on DGAF. And all I really have to say about people complaining about relevance is tell them to buzz off ya know? its your blog so post what you feel is needed to be posted. Its not the end of the world if a good blog hasn’t posted in a week, tell them to be patient and the good post will continue to be made. hope that helps ;p

  2. I think it is a good idea and I really like the sketches that you did. Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂

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