From deep sea to SPACE! (Web comic update #4) finally….

So as promised I told you guys i would update you on whats going on by the 100th post and guess what post this is? POST NUMBER 100!!!! yayyyyy. I can show you whats been going on with the comic book progress.

Where does steve get the helmet and scuba gear?


the current ship kokonotsu has a landing dock that holds two transport ships for deep space missions. One named ichi-san and the other oni-san. On steves first deep space mission he is sent into the asteroid field where the previous ship was hit. The damaged ship was abandoned because the asteroids hit the core processor which powers the main database system. Without the system the ship is useless and cannot access its main and back up thrusters. A sitting duck in space if you will…

qta 1

while on his space mission that the young cadet was put on steve finds an old scuba diving helmet which had dust and spiderwebs all along the inside and when steve picked it up from curiosity his mind was shown the past nightmares the eyes has seen. This helmet was a key to saving the small town lived in


My idea for the eye in the helmet is that it knows everything basically and it has seen the future of the town. the eye has seen the nightmares and he forsaw the mist that the town was ridden with. When steve puts on the helmet he’s put into a dreamstate and can see these nightmares as well.

So with that that adds the whole synopsis of my web comic and i can actually get started on the storyboarding phase. I’ve already made the characters, setting, plotline and all that fun stuff in between, now im ready to start mapping it out. the fun part 🙂

tell me what you guys think of it so far!

and be sure to check out the previous updates to get an understanding whats going on here if you’re new and you’re like I don’t get it?



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“introductions” video down below


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