Princess Eliza the Badass Mech Princess (Webcomic update #5)

So i’ve been busy working on a lot of things but I still find time to work on my goal of finishing a comic and taking it to comic con in hopes of getting it published and sent all over. So far I have all the characters for the story so far which are: Steve (main), Kitty (daughter), Kathryn (steve’s wife), General Parallelo (Captain of Kokonotsu), Victor E. (Partner of Steve in deep space and deep sea), Flux (the sexy navigator 😉 ) AND Princess Eliza (Victor E’s Badass Mech Princess).

Princess Eliza is Victor E’s wife, lovers ever since childhood who as well just like kit, affected by the mist sickness. One day she was swimming out in sea when the mist hit and the hallucinations started to happen. She thought the visions she had were real and began flailing in the water, slowly losing control of her mind. Clouded 9 rehabilitation center could only do so much to try and bring her back but it seemed as if there was no hope. Their Final option was to attempt a never done before brain surgery to reverse the effects of the mist and only ended up paralyzing 75% percent of her body. After that happened (a procedure gone terribly wrong) they were going to pull the plug but Victor just couldn’t let her die like that, his love was too strong. So instead they removed her paralyzed limbs and gave her a new fully functioning auto-mech suit for her legs and equipped with a flamethrower, 4 missle silohs and a heart that could make the grinch love christmas, Princess Eliza would go side by side Victor E. On their adventures through deep space.  image


I hope you guys are liking the backstory so far because I’m ejoying writing it 🙂 tell me what you think of it and maybe shoot some ideas at me.

Be sure to also check out the other updates to read more on the backstory!





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