All good things must come to an end…with final movies? (Naruto manga end)

Yes we all know that the naruto manga ended recently and all the naruto fans across the universe are crying tears out their sharingan contacts but there have been rumors that there will be a final movie titled “The Last: Naruto the movie”

15 years after the series started in 1999, a Naruto project of unprecedented scale is taking off! As its first entry, we’re pleased to announce the first new movie in two long years! (1999年連載スタートから15年の今年、かつてないスケールで『NARUTO‐ナルト‐』プロジェックトが動き出す!その一つとして、待望の最新劇場版が2年ぶりに公開決定!!) –from naruto wiki

I know for a fact that this will be something good to watch because 15 years in the making for a movie is quite some time. The Movie is apparently being released and shown in theaters December 6th of 2014. Mark your calenders Naruto fans because its about to get real. I’m hoping to see how Naruto lives his life as a Hokage. I’m also hoping that its not a huge let down and not over hyped like some movies i know….*cough cough* DBZ battle of the gods *cough* But regardless it will be cool to see one last animation film from the great Masashi Kishimoto

Apparently sources say Kishimoto is making a sequel to the shippuden series and its supposed to be released in spring of 2015. WHAT WILL KISHIMOTO DO NEXT?? “SASUKE SHIPPUDEN?!”

chapter 700 can be found here

what I love is the subtle one piece reference that was made if you noticed the symbol on the 7th. One piece made a reference to the naruto ending as well in their (still continuing…) manga and anime.

Nature – itachi remix off of “Kaleidoscope”

How do you feel about the ending of naruto?

leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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