unsettling yet outrageously awesome. good one jimi.

So to continue our week of Jimi Hendrix,How would one evengo about describing what jimi did with his guitar playing skills. His style was unmatched by many.

Not only was he able to play with his teeth, his stage presence made him center of attention every time he played.

One of his more”out there” techniques involved him playing his fender stratocaster upside down since he was left handed.

He wasnt always Lead guitarist though. Jimi Hendrix has played with acts such as ike and tina turner, the isley brothers, Even Little Richard


Nothing is better than live music in my opinion and im glad in this day and age we can relive moments in time where jimi hendrix were still alive playing one of the classics “Foxey Lady”

stay groovy.


4 thoughts on “unsettling yet outrageously awesome. good one jimi.

  1. Hello to everyone in Dayton Ohio. Seeing that it is Hendrix week here, I thought it would be approriate for me to do a cover of “Hey Joe”. I am not a hendrix purist, so excuse that i did a garage rock version of it, well kinda. I also did an etching of him in the late 1980’s. I put them on my blog. I invite everyone to look at the image, listen to my version, and watch the video.
    I hope you do not mind me posting that here. By the way, my favorite hendrix album is Live at Winterland.
    also GO BUCKEYES!

    • the garage rock cover gave it a cool feel to it, and the etching of jimi hendrix was abstract but enough to where you still know its jimi! good job! and no we don’t mind if you post it here artist support other artist 🙂

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