The official blog for Radikal Nation and honestly….we don’t give a fuck.

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336 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog!
    Do you sing, or do you know any guy who can sing in Japanese?
    If you do please tell me…


  2. Aye, Man, Thanks for visiting me on Paper, Mud and Me, and I’m glad you liked my post “What Makes An Artist.” I’ll try to post more things you like.

  3. Good luck with the new album. If get a gap check out Gil Scott-Heron, Work for peace. There is a man who knew the true power of words. You might also appreciate Marillion, A few words for the dead, the lyrics are beautiful, even if the music is not your bag. Have a day. P

  4. Not quite sure how radical my poetry is but thanks for stopping by and following. I appreciate the edgy and non-conformist – makes me want to don my Afro of the 60’s but, alas, I have neither the patience nor the hairline to do it. Good luck my friend.

    • All poetry is radical poetry in my eyes haha some is just more bro0tal than others but conforming to normal rules in writing or just in life is something i cant see myself doing, We’re too radikal for that. I’d say relive the fro days because it feels great to say “i dont give a fuck” without actually saying it. The hair speaks for itself.

  5. I see you have followed a number of blogs, which I am taking as you having a number of different interests. So, thank you for following http:pacificparatrooper.wordpress.com and I shall return the favor.

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