trazadones inspiration whats keep him motivated and a little insight on the popes chronicle album and more…. by anonymous reporter….. who are am….

what keeps me motivated is all the people who said i whats gonna be noting. All the haters are my motivators can’t hate the player hate the game cause this game 100 trazadone says.Now that my team strong i see a vision of things for my family and friends and we all rejoicing in happiness that why i rap he says he does this for the people that believe he can reach his goals and has the mind set out of this world he my make a few funny songs but he can spit raw. he says he just wants a nice house and two cars and nice small family and do shows and make the crowd jump up and down on a natural high that me and my boy nature give them with this sick flows. you already now we out here we a different breed we follow topics but aren’t  brain washed by the media we just do us.i mean if i have to tell you like it is and you can call me crazy so be it I’m’a tell you how it is. i feel that a lot of artist who wanna make have a struggle some where along there journey and give up i see this all the time you have to stay on your grind like your behind don’t stank , not saying be a cocky person what i’m saying is you have to carry your self with confidence and pride and say these is who i am. where all different you see he says, he just wants to inspire that young artist that fells like giving up so one day they can reach there goals too. i wanted a fridge with food in so i dont have to struggle every day im a felon he says its hard to get a job he says, everybody else my age can get a job but because i was hungry i “fucked”up my life. he say’s he hopes these album’s the popes Chronicles and the popes 2 the new testament we help get him and the hiphop popes name out there he say’s. he say’s there will be a music video for there song “im in love with my go pro” on there single album “i love my go go go pro” and is thinking of making a song called “pineapple pizza Sunday’s” which will have his co-artist NNNNature AKA Dj NiMbUS on the mix. another thing that motivates me is the random ideas that pop in my head some are goofy some are serious some are just plain out wack’o he say’s  he love to just sit there and think about theory’s and ideas of life and how we work and think as people and search vocabulary and reads a lot of tupac poems and krs-one poems and  the word’s he preaches.

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