Tokzek music monday!!!!!!

So here at DGAF i’m here to bring you joyous local music on a hopefully not so repetitive monday and bring some fresh new music to your eats. On the real Tokzek is a really good friend of mine and he’s a boss with the edm music he makes. His bass will most likely melt your face so be ready for the wubz in the music you’re about to hear.

Tokzek- Cant run

Tokzek – batteries not included

Tokzek = Pokemon Theme remix

Tokzek= Hello Kitty (Tokzek ViP Remix)

did I mention he’s remixed a few nature songs?

Nature- thirsty (Tokzek remix) need some water?!?

Tokzek ft Nature – Life Alert

we actually made two versions of this and both were featured on the album ubiquitous

Well I hope your face is still intact on this lovely monday but thank you lovely DGAFers  for following and listening to the music today be sure to give Tokzek on his like page once he reaches 50 he’ll post a preview of a song me and him are working on so get the word out there, like the page and share it!


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