why cant i stop till i reach the top

why do i have this gift that cant be turned off done lost it again gaining self confidence n sick of this rappers talk non-since im half a sleep n but still fully spiritually concision people think i lost it dame no the god gave a word n i just let flow to the kick and snare while many stare i dont care i be up where the stars be painting a picture with og bob ross yeah just loss another close homie it left me kinda lonely but thats why you build new walls and dont throw self again them or let them box you in feel  like krs one cause this poem will never  end_trazadone trained to flow let your mind grow in you see where im at bro wow it kinda hot here i over came my biggest fear already this year judgment so i try to show love to every one n i just do this for fun cause im out to let people hear my voice in their heads n this wont stop till im dead im not worried about the bread i could make cause thats what turns your lyrics fake  im out to make change from a cocaine dealer to the man on th mic everyone cant stand but have  to listen too i cause i play on every radio world wido dude wow

all i hear n mt head every day is go go go go go go go dont stop gogogogog let flow go go go let the ego go n go


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