Crunchy roll and chill?

with modern day technology advancing so quickly its easy to access things from the palm of your hand with a click of a button like movies, games, books, ect. One thing that i enjoy being easily accessed is Anime. The internet has made things so easy to watch my favorite shows from childhood and even new ones ive never heard of before or have been suggested to watch.

One in particular is Date A Live. I had my skeptical thoughts on the show from episode one but it had me drawn in with its very good use of fan service, guns and cute anime girls. Its comedic plotline of the main character having to save “spirits” by getting them to fall in love with him with a very well trained team of people backing him with their dating sim skills just kept me more and more intrigued. I instantly fell in love with Tohka’s style because she’s not only a badass that has some wicked armor but she also looks good slaying anything in her way with a really awesome sword design and all as well with a shield to protect against projectiles.    date-a-live-tohka-yatogami-android-wallpaper-1440x1280-3

now iv’e only made it through episode 6 but from iv’e seen so far of the first season i’m definitely gonna watch more into the second season as well. I feel as if the shorter animes are always the best (maybe that’s why i was drawn to FLCL) regardless from where this anime seems to be going i’m rating Date A live 9/10 a must watch anime for someone looking to get into something different with action comedy and cute anime girls in a harem style of badassery.


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