Purple Faced Girl by Amber Danielle Taylor

so here at DGAF we have the honor of featuring a really awesome poet named amber (someone I came across at ohayo con) and here is her poem titled purple faced girl

She takes another
     inhaling a lifetimes worth 
     mind crushing 
     thought disrupting 
          stress with
     volatile enough to 
     split rocks. 

clouds carrying potent poisonous fumes
filled her nostrils
with a bitter stench 

it pollutes her lungs 
     crusts them over from the inside out
     and leaves them in grime
damaged and timid
she exhales

she could not see

there was a pause 

she cannot see

she would rather end now 
than to get another fill of 
toxic air

she cannot see anything worth breathing for 
     through the smoke
     she cannot see her future

that gray lunged 
purple faced girl

wonders if she made the right decision 
she waits.

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