monetary is scary by trazadone aka jacob

emotions is my devotion to make music to lose it when im on mic im sick the world violence n non sense does any body use their concussion these or are we all caught up in the media blinding fact that we soo lost n brain washed that they dont difference from reality n tv is only me who feels like i gotta preach like the martin luther king speak i have a dream or is the world to focused on making cream today it seems all we care bout is our self and if you try to help others your different well i guess that means im special breed cause i dont let the black plague of greed ruin this soul completely i view us all an equal not matter your monetary value or materialistic ideam you own we all wanna be on top now day make some real pay invest in something legal and quite doing evil i committed sin n i did what i did but that past just have a dream n grasp on to it n dont lose it

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