art. by brian hughes.

Awesome Q & A with Brian Hughes over at Guerilla Grafftiti

guerrilla graffiti.

Batlady Edited

Brian is someone who stepped up to be an artist for the original Guerrilla Graffiti a couple years ago. I saw a couple of his pieces and I knew I wanted to have him on the staff. I love the colors and the monsters. I love how raw his pieces feel. Brian and I did a brief Q+A to give you a better idea of who he is as an artist and what keeps him doing it.

Q+AGG: I’m interested in artist’s origin stories. How did you find art, or how did art find you?
BH: I knew that art was something that kind of grew on me when I looked around the house and saw my artwork stacked and piled in portfolios from all the schooling and doodles i’d drawn in class. Art most definitely found me and I didn’t even realize what I was doing at first. I would be inside…

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