TGIF (thank god im fresh)

hows it going lovely people of DGAF i see you’re probably enjoying the day wherever you may be, matter of fact where are the lovely followers of DGAF from? leave a comment and say where you from i think it really ranges from all over.

Ive been recently trying to balance keeping up with art, poetry, and music on top of life itself and its going pretty well, im gonna be dropping a teaser soon titled thank god im fresh (this is just the pre-teaser) stay tuned later for the song drop.

Im actually looking for a promoter as well so if anyone knows a promoter in the Ohio tri-state area if you could get into contact with me that’d be great!

2 headed snake.jpg

work in progress for a 2 headed snake drawing

let me know what you guys and girls think

stay tuned for more over here at


have a great friday!

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