OLD SCHOOL (poetry by brian hughes)

Playgrounds have nothing to do with it

its all about that had to it by the book because thats all we had.

No one could make the video star as easy as it is now


Cant make hits on the playlist unless you happen to know the right people who knew the right person to make those billboard charts

Im taking back sunday and putting it back into everyday of the week, reviving a dying art ressurecting the flows

reaching my arms down and pull it out the underground.

Leaving the cracks, the grimyness, the fakers, the haters, the egotistical assholes and leaving them on the ground!

The old school is your old car left at the DMV that blasted out the casket the cassette played that RUN DMC its bigger than hip hop its Notorious for B.I.G!

so many L’s came from the trees

so many techniques that make it immortal

only one pun but nothing is funny


no matter where you’re at just remember where you came from Because you’re wallets aint where you always made it rain from.

The old school made records and emcees

The new one made rappers candy sweet empty lame ones.

by Brian Hughes 

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