even when im away you lovely DGAF’ers still care so much (life update)

lets be honest here guys ive been slacking on my blogging game but never fear! NATURE IS HERE! im gonna try and keep the exponentially growing number of people who continue to follow this blog updated on whats going on with me and radikal nation.

1st things first how are you?

im doing great

ive recently went on a journey of knowledge so i could take my passion in art further and try and turn it into a career with the trade of tattooing! the machine and needle is a path i have chosen to make a living off of. I was up in miami for 2 months and met some awesome people went to south beach ONCE (never again haha) and learned how to tattoo by some amazing artist.

sadly My computer was broken along the way plus i didnt have any console games to keep me entertained so i just made a bunch of artwork and tattooed fake skin.

Ive got a bunch more poetry for you guys and girls, Germs and mitochondria, Goons and Gals, ect. you get the jist.

Ive also been watching bucket tons of anime and networking to the fullest so you could say ive been a bit busy.

NO I havent forgot about DGAF for it is the brain child and promotion method of radikal nations music

My end goal currently is to get into a tattoo shop and continue my tattoo career but im still making music ive actually got some upcoming collaborations in the works, some solo work as well so stay tuned

present memories – Nature and Juel

forgive me for my absence i have more time on my hands now to post more so thanks again for following DGAF

be sure to check out my instagram as well @datnigganature to see some of the artwork ive been doing

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