Drinking in Cozumel (poetry by Brian Hughes)

I went to cozumel last year for my 21st birthday and i wrote a poem about my experiences there and being 21 where the drinking age is 18! i could have been drinking this whole time (even though i dont really drink like that)


1 shot after 2 shot after 3 after 4,

They gave me too much tequila in the jewelry store

I stand just to stumble

I walked a blurry path

how many shots have i drank?

too drunk to do the math. 2 wasted 2 even think

1 shot after 2 shot after 3 and some more

They gave me too much tequila in the souvenir store

I sit down to regain balance

I walk just to fall

Maybe I shouldnt have drunken after all…

I learned Spanish in Cozumel

I learn how to crawl

Donde es el bano?

as I puked on the walls

no i dont need any cigars for I knew they’d offer me tequila there,

I was so drunk by then I needed a wheel chair

1 shot after 2 shot after 3 and a 4th passed

They must have given me magic tequila because I saw a naked lady at the bottom of my shot glass

I needed some water but i’d probably get sick at sea

A man in the distance saw me struggling and said “Don’t worry I’ve got the perfect remedy”

We walked just a bit more

to where I was greeted by his wife who said

“Hola visitor, congratulations on making it to the tequila store!”

by Brian Hughes

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