Hatsuyuki – 初雪(first snow of the season) poetry by Brian Hughes

Eyes glued to the window

Watching, watching, in the winter sun

The cold air crisp my lips and crinkles my fingers in my gloves.

The days pass but not yet past a time of giving thanks and yet

“I’m dreaming of white christmas”

plays throughout all the car radios

expecting the sky’s frozen tears to grace the ground

with its prestine beauty covering everything in a white blanket of ice.

Each individual flake fulfilling its purpose to join forces and close everything

from schools and roads

to the doors of warm houses

Hatsuyuki showed her face for the first time this month

and she told me to put on a jacket

and go outside.

Poetry by Brian Hughes 

hey guys im gonna be preforming some of my poetry and music and showcasing my artwork for I am FEATURED ARTIST OF THE MONTH IN DECEMBER!

at an open mic ive been going to for a while since the very first one (I havent been in a while due to work, life, ect.) but its very honoring to have this happen 🙂

If anyone is in the Hamilton, Ohio area on December 13th come see me preform and my artwork at creativa!

heres the event page on facebook so check it out if you get the chance


thanks guys for following here at DGAF

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