Keep it 100 (4k follower post)

Whether you’re always blunt about the truth or just have no filter or censor when you talk with people

you’re keepin it 100 

what does it mean to you to keep it 100? 

I know its a little late to be posting this but here at DGAF you lovely people have helped the blog

reach 4,077 followers!

i made it very specific because of the 77 new people 🙂

and i just wanted to give a shout out to all of you

for real

without you guys and girls following and keeping up with the post/ music/ randomness

I donno what I would do at the strike of dawn like it is now.

so stay keeping it real as it gets

for it doesn’t go unnoticed.


3 days till “Kaleidoscope” drops by Lyricist Nature Miyamoto and he quotes “Its better than free candy on halloween”

you’ll just have to find that out to be true or not on halloween 

Nature – Thirsty (Tokzek Remix)

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