warped tour this year (2014) (interview w/ nature)

So warped tour is happening again for Nature (Brian Hughes) again for 4th time this year and he’s made a video to help out those warped tour newbies out there. Talking about his warped tour experiences along with helpful tips and things to remember about warped tour here is a video made filled with all the information you need to be ready

Interview with Nature on warped tour.

1. Who’s your favorite band to see at warped tour?
Of mice and men of course i love the music they make even through the changes in band members they still are on my top people to see there (3rd time this year)

2. Whats the best part about warped?
the people there dude, Its like a family of different kinds of people. I love the alternative scene and warped tour just mashes everyone together to listen to great music. along with the organizations that support great causes like Feed our children now and Music saves lives, Fuck cancer ect. it keeps warped tour supporting and helping the community.

3. What got you into going to warped tour?
My friends raving about how awesome it was and how I could see all my favorite bands live in one day made me instantly want to go. I wanted to go back in 2010 but my mom didnt trust me going down there so I went for the first time in 2011

4. Any tips for first timers?
yes stay hydrated you thirsty mutha fuckahs!take a picture of your map or the inflatable…. oh and watch my survival guide videos on my youtube page.


if your going to the Cincinnati Riverbend tour date on the 16th you might see me there! and be sure to check out DGAF the album on spotify and if you like it purchase it on Amazon!

im giving out mixes of our music as well if you see me there say whatsup


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