modestly amazing music monday!

hey whatsup its another day

matter of fact its monday so what are you gonna do?

listen to some modestly amazing music made by even more amazing people?

i’d think thats a good idea.

Passion Pit –  Constant Conversations (stripped down version)

Oceans Ate alaska – Blue Lungs

Gym Class Heroes – Happy Little Trees

Zelda dubstep by sebastion406

Day 1 (Nature and Divine Linez)

Royal Blood – out of the Black

hope you guys like those because ive been bumping those all day.

DGAF the album is available for listen and download over on Radikal Nation’s Bandcamp

also check out this drawing ive been working

godzilla and the moon

if you want to see more OR ask me about my art OR have a commision done

head over to my art page and I can help out with any of your artistic needs

I hope you’ve had a great monday.


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