the prince who loved the swan girl (short story by Brian Hughes)

Once upon a time there was a prince who ruled the city of smorf. This prince was a very powerful yet kindhearted person. The people of smorf misunderstood the Young Sir Alexander the third and only saw his acts of anger, they never knew he had a friendly side. One day the prince decided to go for a stroll in the royal garden. He told the gate guard in his castle walls he was going to see what the flowers looked like so he could paint them. In the luscious garden of flowers with colors yellow, pink, and green he saw a person in the distance. His first reaction was to get mad and yell at the person but he was curious to see who it was. As he walked to figure he noticed the soft curves and wavy silver hair he could tell see it was a women. She was the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. He always compared all his women to ugly ducklings but this one was different, she was a swan in his eyes. She wore the most elegant clothing made from the silk of swan feathers, it almost seemed as if she drifted around the garden. The flowers around him gave him an idea to go up to her and give her one. In that moment he walked up and said

“I couldnt help but notice such a lovely sight in my garden, who are you ?”

She sweetly replied “oh I’m just a traveling artist and my inspiration led me here”.

The prince, shocked by how sweet her voice was paused for a moment and said

“well I am the prince of smorf Sir Alexander the third and it is the most gratitude to be in the prescense of such a swan with beauty like yours” His mind filled with so many thoughts of what to say he looked up her blushing face and said “I know we had only just met but i have a feeling i love you”.

She laughed quietly under her breath and said” well arent you a sweet one,but i must say your eyes decieve you.”

With a confused look on his face he waited for her to say something else but instead she showed him. She bent down and picked up a feather that dropped off of her and gave it to him and with a blink of an eye wings spread from her back and transformed into a real swan more shocked than ever the prince said nothing. And off into the distance the swan flew away.


3 more days

Radikal Nation’s DGAF the album

so much hype.

pacman is announced in the new smash bros for Wii u/ 3ds

OP level HYPE


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