Oh my Godzilla (Nature’s Godzilla (2014 review)



All I really have to say is after a good 15 years godzilla has definitely gotten a revamp on how badass he looks in film but it definitely was everything I was expecting out of a godzilla film. I loved how much godzilla kicked butt and then just walked back into the sea like “alright my work here is done” Mothra and Kaijuu were a good match up for the zilla but in the end they didn’t stand a chance. For real if you like giant monsters fighting while destroying cities in the process go watch the new godzilla. The build up to the fighting of the monsters was totally worth it because those scenes were amazing as well along side the backstory being really good too. If I had to give a rating of this movie it’s for sure 5/5 its good to see a new godzilla added to the series.


3 thoughts on “Oh my Godzilla (Nature’s Godzilla (2014 review)

  1. Isnt this the movie Godzilla didnt show up in until an hour in? I want more Godzilla in a movie called Godzilla. Not “giant bugs that arent Godzilla somehow sneak through Vegas without arousing suspucion”…. Maybe the sequel will be better.

    • yea thats the one! it was a short glimpse of what I feel like godzilla will do in the sequel which i’m pretty pumped for. My guess is that they were preparing for more epic fight scenes in the next one. It was like a teaser to get you ready for the good stuff.

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