turtles in the ocean (land mass turtle #3)

the race from birth to the sea

the turtle in the ocean is ready to see

the light from first glimpse

the sand and the ocean breeze

the amphibious newborn so eager

patiently growing anxiously waiting to feel the waves on their feet

poetry by Brian Hughes

Posting about sea turtles this time! because im working on the 3rd land mass turtle for ACA (academy of combat arts) which happens to be an ocean land mass. So of course I had to make it a sea turtle. who doesn’t love sea turtles? if they don’t love sea turtles tell them to leaveImage

still a work in progress but im working on adding things like shells, sand, ocean water ect, all on the turtles back so this should be interesting as i go along drawing it.

now heres an interesting video on sea turtles

i hope you enjoyed this wonderful presentation of sea turtles and water


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