Ok…Now we’re talking (comic con throwback!)

ok so ive got some explaining to do. Yes I know its not thursday therefore i shouldnt do a throwback post BUT I run a blog called DGAF. AND I SERIOUSLY DONT CARE WHAT DAY I THROWBACK ON, I DO IT BECAUSE I CAN. now with that out of the way….

My computer that I normally make post on is currently in the shop of repairs by HP (Thats a whole other story….for another time.) i’ll try and post as often as I can but you guys make it worth it so STAY TOTALLY TUBULAR DUDE!

In other news.


The game mechanics are also being worked for the academy of combat arts.

I’m here to show you what an awesome time my first experience was with GEM CITY Comic Con! and all the awesome cosplay I saw that grateful day.


kid naruto’s face says a million words.1535444_647089772005914_1835738481_n

troopers stay toopin!!10001389_647090608672497_1031518861_n 10153058_647090648672493_1467557245_n

I totally thought she was zelda but she wasn’t sadly…10153803_647090142005877_2076689074_n 10167953_647089918672566_782727131_n

totally badass artwork I saw at comic con!! (wonder woman for the win)10170855_647090328672525_1209752252_n

me as afro samurai fighting deadpool10245331_647090092005882_688487808_n

Awesome artwork and things you could buy along with the comics of course.10246489_647090355339189_911655290_njames being held hostage by deadpool

All I can say is it was an awesome time and cant wait to go back but this time actually have my own booth and sell my own comic book while cosplaying as something cool. I’m thinking Dracula from billy and mandy would be sweet haha. It really was an experience though, My favorite part was I got to be in a cosplay competition just for the fun of it. I hope my next Comic Con adventure will be as fun as this one.


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