Story behind DGAF the album cover.

well as you guys know we’ve been putting in work on DGAF the album and the cover ties into the whole album very well.

dgaf cover


With all of Radikal Nation in a graveyard I wanted to show that the DGAF life and the way we tend to our daily lives is something we’ll do till death. All of in the normal clothes we’d normally wear are represented in each of the cartoon versions of us. Like this is how you’d see us on a normal day (most of the time) Quan (divine linez) is in his onesie getting off of work and then he just chills and writes, Dre (aether radikal) in his scrubs skateboarding, James (king leo) wearing orange and making magic with the keys, and me (nature) with a striped sweater I can create the scene as you see there in the picture i’m tagging the background. And thats how I wanted to represent each of us because thats us on a normal day. We really do live that lifestyle and not try to portray a false reality to the people who enjoy what our creative minds create. This cover is actually the deluxe cover the actual one was created by our dude stephen! (he’s legit by the way) and has done various portraits and covers for us so i’m glad to see him making the first cover for the album.

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