Storyboarding with artist :Brian Hughes (Webcomic update #6)

So i’ve finally got some progress shots on my progress of this webcomic i’m making and finally some time as well to post about it! haha sorry guys its been so long ive just been working on getting a job, finishing up this group album (coming soon) and doing a whole bunch of other art projects. But now I can talk about my favorite part of making the story which is the story boarding.


Now other than what my face is saying the artwork is saying i’m grinding out, When i story board I kind of take certain parts of the actual written story and make them how I would see the important parts visually.

picture016The whole dialouge speech bubbles i’m gonna add in digitally once i get to the scanner phase so as of right now they look kinda choppy and hard to read but its ok this is just the beginning.  (Also just rough sketches) but I want to get the general idea down for when i redraw them in the actual revised version, so i know what i’m doing.

its coming along nice guys and thanks for everyone who’s been keeping up with this i’m having fun with it. feel free to ask any questions about my art or check out my art page at



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