PLAYER 2 -press start- EP IS FINISHED!!

and just in time for the new years too nice! I finished up the last track of the ep yesterday and recorded a video of it for you guys so you could here it before i put out the 6 track ep as a whole. They’ll be 5 total tracks and then an added bonus track, along with the special cover art i made just because I care (: so I hope you guys enjoy Player 2 – usagi (meaning rabbit in japanese)


A little back story behind the ep was I came up with idea of making a chiptune ep back in may of this year because i wanted some practice in music production since i’ve never done anything like it before so I decided why not. LSDJ (little sound dj) is a homebrew music tracking program for the gameboy color that creates the 8 bit sounds which I have been playing around with and learning for a while now so it was the perfect place to start my music making journey. Only until recently my cousin marvin got me the actual cartridge as an early christmas gift because I had been using an emulator instead of an actual gameboy. 7 months later Here we are with this chiptune EP about to be released tomorrow. Kinda crazy how it all works out like that.

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