Screen to screens by Brian Hughes

Screen to screens by Brian Hughes

So many screens to another Closing apps and opening the tv Only to find the inside has more screens. Screen to screens, the backlit light that illuminates the vast skies of my dreams makes me wonder what in this life doesn’t have a screen?

In my perfect world the laptops are broken on blacktops and the Ihomes filled with IPhones are burning Television sets are darkened and tablets darker than a sale on Friday, the mp3’s were melted by UAV’S And no one in stores were trampled and killed for that new mp4 I remember when we were connected by 2 cans and a string, even when tablets were made of stone. When we kissed we felt love by the moonlight and our hearts danced to the twinkle of the stars.

In my utopia the world is lit by the sun. We dance, we sing and play until the the day is done. Today We live in fear we’ll lose our minds and turn into robots with radiated eyes. We’ll all say those were the days… Those were the days… I remember when we were alive I remember when People used to go outside.


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