RN wicked totally awesome super cool update

hey whatsup?

how are you doing?

doing good?


so has Radikal Nation. The fellow members of the crew can agree that things have been getting pretty crazy for us and its very exciting. We’re currently working on our rpg and all the art and time put it into is gonna be sweet to see how it turns out. Who knew working on a game was so intense? here are some of the sprites and in game shots of the rpg


(part of a battle with an enemy made by james. Name is still undecided)



infected pulse sprite made by me – nature


sprites made by stephen houston (member on our team)


working with a team of people has been really cool too. When people come together like that its like,,,,,awesome, TOTALLY! and all that good stuff. Other news The player 2 EP is coming along as well! You guys are in store for some awesome chiptune music because -press start- was made with love. Still no release date yet but when the time is right is when you’ll be able to hear it.



front cover of the EP


promo cover art! 

We’ve just been working hard till people know what our passions are and what we put that work into ya know? We’ll keep you updated on whats going musically for us and just in general. In the meantime go check out some of our other releases over on our bandcamp @ >> rnwdgaf.bandcamp.com << 

Thanks for everyone who follows DGAF and we’ll keep making SUPER art, WICKED COOL music and AWESOME everything else in general!


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