Organic (Free Write)

Organic (Free Write)

Etched by: James Revels III

I just want to feel real.

100 percent like I’m organic, not from a movie reel.

Hype antics from the mellow dramatics.

Attention frantic, I’m blind with glasses;

Crystal clearly; light through quartz refracted.

Speak truth to fakes, to them it’s quirky accents.

Like truent teens ,they are mourning absense

of my presence.

Present to the presents of the now,

Living with the essense of a peasant with a crown.

So high on horses, only fear is falling down.

Thier promisies are crap made with brown by the mouth.

Spell bound,

Rhymebooks like grimoires of grammar.

Open up my soul to read a book of shadows.

Wanted happy endings, me and her through meadows,

can’t have it…

the whole me.

Guess I’ll stay inorganic.

Also Im thinking about publishing a poem book, not sure we shall see when time comes.

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