footage from hip hop night at local skatepark with Nature

So this past weekend I went to the local skatepark because they were having a hip hop night where my homie Big D and Seth hirsh were preforming for a good cause. A little boy named Peyton Decker (3 years old) lost his mom in a tragic car accident so the event was to raise money for him, and of course I had to go and represent. I met so many people there AND a lot of possible music collaborations as well which is awesome. I met liv martez and sudan moon from a group around here called fungshway and N2 which was dope. they’re real down to earth and told me they liked my freestyle I spit when I was up on the “stage” they had setup at the skatepark.

Fungshway x Amtrack – Longchicken

Sudan Moon – Did You Know

Heres the footage from the live cypher I was in and more

ALSO my newest single titled “Robo cussin for the Robotussin”. I got inspired from the freestyle i spit at the cypher and I wanted to make something out of it so I did, Enjoy.

Nature- “Robocussin for the Robotussin”

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