Good music monday (RN EDITION)

Well its monday again ladies and germs and this is a special kind of monday since this friday is Radikal Nation’s (and Bout dat lif3‘s official) BIRTHDAY! yep 1 year of awesome raps and lyricism filled with metaphorical meanings and double, even triple entendres so enjoy some of my favorite songs our crew has made.

1. The world is ours – Nature

(my love for tokimonsta made me want to say what nature represents over a spaced out kinda instrumental)

2.Okkkular – Ether Radikal ft King leo

(the beat produced by james revels III is something that makes me remember this song for sure)

3.One job – King leo

(probably the catchiest song you will ever hear…..ever.)

4.Divine lean – Divine Linez

(the xxxplicit complexxxions was a masterpiece lyrically and visually since I drew the covers for them and divine lean was my favorite one off the series for sure)

5.The boogie – Nature ft King leo and Ether Radikal

(of course I had to put the crews very first collab in the mix! forever a classic)

with that I hope all of you have a great monday!



4 thoughts on “Good music monday (RN EDITION)

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