Deep Sea Adventure!

the deep sea diver descends

to the open space for what may be unknown and people are wanting to know

only left with a notebook and pen traveling down below

the deep sea diver descends to deepest black

and records what his eyes have seen.

Sitting in chairs mad of seashells and all the sea smells,

I see nothing but fish,

Fish with scales reflecting the color of golden sunsets

setting in japan where the sakura flowers bloom.

Fish radiating the glow of a blushing bride who was newly wed.

Red fish, Blue fish giant nightmare fueled kazoo fish.

The deepest layers of the ocean are illuminated

with crowns from kings and jewelry of the 1950’s

the world beneath the sea is beyond the eyes and minds of you and me

but beneath the sea

down below

the deep sea diver


poetry by brian hughes

Ive been working on alot of things lately but I stay busy writing, working on art and helping out on the group album. In the mean time when i’m not skating or freezing my butt off outside i’m thinking of new ideas for songs and new concepts for poems/stories ect. I haven’t forgotten about Steve the deep sea diver OH NO you guys have made me wanna put more time into it because of the responses i was getting from the updates so by the 100th post you should hear more about my webcomic im working on (only 5 more away). Stay tuned……

galaga collab

progress shots on the video game mashup collab i’m working on with my friend carlos DELTIZZLE!

deltizzle collab progress

Boss sprite from Academy of the arts rpg

pumpskull giant boss

feel free to ask any questions and if anyone has any art/ short stories/ poetry ect. they wanna get featured on our blog here at DGAF send us a message or comment and we’ll be more than happy to post it for a feature friday of some kind.


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