indie wendy

There you were

Far away from the world as can be

Yet so close, so close to me


I saw you sitting in front of the coffee shop

Smoking your last cig and wearing shades when it wasn’t even sunny

My mind raced like a nascar because I wanted to approach you and say something funny


When I finally got to you, my chances of a conversation were slim

I noticed that you were listening to your ipod

I asked “hey what band is that?”

And you replied “she and him”


Your dark hair swooped over your eyes like the night that covers the sky

My flannel shirt, square glasses and skate shoes showed I was your kind of guy

We talked and you told me you had a tattoo of a flower and a swirl

Your ramones t-shirt, skinny jeans and moccasins showed you were my kind of girl.


More and more we got to know each other and our taste in art,clothing, and music were the same

We talked for so long, yet I still didn’t know your name

I told you, you made my day as we listened to indie

You leaned over and whispered in my ear “By the way, my name is wendy”

poetry by Brian Hughes.

also! james revels has entered a producer contest for a rapper named anilyst and he made a video for his entry showing the Radikal Nation way of life. 

and a milestone for DGAF we just hit 3k followers the other day! 😀 so excited to be able to reach out to all of you and your lovely faces. be sure to stay tuned on what we have in store because you’ll never what you’ll find here on a blog by people who don’t give a fuck.

mz light skin cover (finished)The mz light skin cover is finally finished up as well! i’m getting better using my tablet and working on art work digitally i think but there still much to learn in ways in the art world. so now the series is complete, the three covers all have a theme can you tell what it is?

mz dark skin cover

Mz. dark skin

Mrs brown skin (cover)mz. brown skin (she’s a married mistress so she’s MRS. brown skin)


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