Radikal Nation Bust out a DOUBLE FEATURE RELEASE!

In honor of the start of fall me and fellow Radikal Nation  group mate Divine Linez have decided to give the world a double hitter by releasing both our projects tomarrow, but due to my work schedule they are AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD TODAY!!!

Divine Linez XXXplicit CompleXXXions is for the freaks. Point, blank period. If you even can’t handle the subject of sex you might as well scroll down to the player for Karo Tousen. ‘Black Cloud’ is a vivid story of a night with his “Eve”. Containing metaphors and witty references between sex and weather, it’s a poetic representation of the passion humans share between each other

夏炉冬扇 Karo Tōsen (Summer Heater, Winter Fan), is my summer music project. It contains instrumentals, a couple of improvisations and a couple of poetry tracks. Summer Heater, Winter fan is an idiom that refers to something out of season like releasing a summer project on the first day of fall…like me….anyway, I’d advise downloading the project because there are 6 bonus songs that are DOWNLOAD EXCLUSIVE. You can download for free here, just enter zero as price

Dont forget about!

Radikal Nation Official website

Radikal Nation Bandcamp

Philosopher’s Stone EP on iTunes

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