Hows it going Steve? (web comic update #3)

I’ve been working on sketching out characters and concepts for my webcomic i’m about to start so be ready for a bunch of sketches to be seen,a little behind the scenes of what i’m doing with it. Steve the deep sea diver is about to be awesome.

Heres some sketches I finished up today.

101_0569Kitty! kit for short is Steve’s daughter, the one who was affected by the sickness from birth. Does she eventually get better? I want to start the comic off with a backstory and a little drama never hurt anyone. Kit is 7 years old now and she loves to build things. She wants to eventually help her dad steve build the perfect underwater transport. I’m gonna make her eventually go on some of the deep sea adventures that Steve travels on,

101_0570The begining characters in the story are going to be Steve, Cathryn (his wife), and of course Kitty (kit for short). 101_0571How was the town hit with the sickness? while the brave adventurer Steve, was away on his space travels mining lune to save his young daughter (a baby at the time) a strange mist came from the water near by the town that they lived in. The mist caused people to have vivid hallucinations of creepy, dark, creatures that come from the depths of the sea and made them have nightmares at any time.


Concept sketch i did of just one of the creatures that people would see when affected by the sickness. A giant moss monster from the deep that lives off of drinking all the water in the ocean.

So I hope you guys like what you see because i’m having fun with the sketches. I haven’t gotten to story boarding yet but i’ve got the basis of the begining of the story down.Haha  making a comic is a lot harder than i thought but I got this. as the japanese say “Ganbarimasu” which means i’ll try my very best. Stay tuned for the next update who knows what i’ll have done next time.


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bout dar life cover

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