But I dont want my pokemon to megaevolve :(

All this hype on the new pokemon X and Y are great and all but, I started playing pokemon back when there was only 150 of these creatures that affected my childhood so greatly. Theres so many of them now i need multiple pokedex’s to even know what im going out to get, I mean when the pokemon megaevolve there aren’t too many major differences except for the fact that they gave Blastoise A 3RD HYDRO CANNON!!  tumblr_mslmcmwF8b1qlh7rxo1_400

I donno man I think nintendo is taking it too far with this one. At some point in their lives they just have to ask themselves “Have we made too many pokemon?”. Remember when people would get mad when they added a trash pokemon? yea its like that right about now haha. Not gonna lie though MegaMawile and MegaAbsol look pretty dope.


they’re doing a pretty good job on making me want  to spend some more money on a new handheld. With pokemon X and Y exclusively on the 3DS I’ll be broke, on the streets and begging for change to feed me AND my pokemon by the end of next month. MEGAEVOLVE MY BANK ACCOUNT!

this has been poke’rants w/ nature.

Be sure to nevr4get Deadly Cartridge and go check out Bout dat Lif3!


5 thoughts on “But I dont want my pokemon to megaevolve :(

  1. The new evolutions are too much. But compared to all of the other great stuff coming this generation, it’s a minor annoyance. We will make it through, fellow trainer!

    • I know its not that bad but some things gotta give haha theres so many of them now and i just cant keep up with them.The last time I checked there were 649 but that was like 2 generations ago

  2. I know the feel about the bank account…I’m so tempted but it’s like that’s so much money…but I’m actually super pumped about the megas, it adds a newer and more complex dynamic to game play and move selection

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