The divinest of linez presents Mz. Brown Skin.


                                          artist time w/ nature.

as the artist I drew the cover with the intentions of getting divine linez ideas out into a visual field. He described it exactly how I drew it I just had to add my own little gansta’ phr3$h twist to it as well. Divine Linez has got those ideas that make you think and ask questions as a true artist would. In the drawing you see is only part 1 of the 3 part series of tracks he’s putting out so there will be 2 more of these made.Mrs brown skin (cover)I for real didn’t think I would be using alot of the design principles I learned in school but now that i’ve been making these covers i kinda see how they come in handy. Ive been drawing all my life and in my 20 years of living (just had a birthday recently on the 25th 😀 ) i’ve been a stubborn mule when it came to design. There is still much to learn and more to practice but stay tuned for the other two covers.


2 thoughts on “The divinest of linez presents Mz. Brown Skin.

  1. Happy recent birthday! Looking at the cover you drew, without knowing about the album, the first thing I thought of was the snake from Beetlejuice. Very nice job! May I ask what the Japanese writing on the bottom means? Google translate just isn’t doing it for me XD.

    • haha thanks! 😀 and i’m it can make you think of beetlejuice because that movie is AWESOME! and I try to practice my japanese everywhere lol it says “ja ne uchu kauboi” which is “see you space cowboy” in japanese

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