Nice hair and underwear.

My early morning routine resides of getting dressed and getting clean

brush my teeth 1,2,3 pick up sticks as i slip my feet into my purple kicks

and by kicks i mean shoes

I plug in my ipod and begin to dance, put on a sweater and realize i have no pants!

and by pants i mean paint covered, torn and battle scarred colored corduroy jeans that have seen better days

half asleep the tools of an artist gracefully fall into my pocket

2 pencils, 3 pens, a rooster, a rubber hen,

Along with my wallet, my life, my pic and my wife

and by wife i mean the tunes that spark my imaginative mind, like Asher Roth said “I be on my grind”

My black beauty, My ipod

All stuffed into 2 endless pockets

I could walk outside NAKED for all I care as long as ive got

Nice shoes, Nice hair, A t-shirt and some underwear

11 thoughts on “Nice hair and underwear.

  1. does commando apply to going braless too? i dont go commando lol, if those are your artwork i would like to say they are very interesting

    • Commando is going all the way! haha so yes braless counts too and yes all of these artworks (covers, pieces, illustrations and paintings) were made by me (nature) Brian Hughes. I’m the artist for my crew Radikal Nation (:

  2. Going commando is the only option here in North Cyprus when it is stinking hot. So here is me, not a great rap fan but I listened to this and think it’s great. Got diverted. Came here to say thanks for the like and for following my blog but now I get good music as a result!

    • haha yes it is sometimes! but thanks for stopping by and listening to some of our stuff 😀 we’re trying to change the standard of what rappers are doing today and adding something new to the table.

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