living THAT ART LIFE. with nature.

i’m currently living that art life and i’m enjoying every second of it, What has the artist, hip hop lyricist, skateboarder brian hughes been up to these days?

“if anybody asks what ive been up to lately i’ll say WHOLE lot of chillin and a WHOLE lot of art”

I mean who wouldnt enjoy waking up starting a painting thats going to be shown somewhere where a bunch of people are going to see it and possibly buy it. I make art for the simple fact that ive been doing it my whole life and its been my outlet to my inner kid imagination to just put my ideas on paper.

My time has currently been occupied by skateboarding, making art, coming up with ideas for future projects and GAMING LIKE A CHAMP !IMG_20130809_205303

I finished up the skateboard painting today and dropped it off at the local skatepark for the show happening on the 22nd and its looking pretty cool.IMG_20130805_115406

1098193_609660899078377_478538274_nIts a fun experience to just have fun making art and showing it to people who appreciate, skate, and not hate. Be sure to check out my art page on facebook,

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