Art with Nature: “Impact the earth”

One of my favorite pieces that i’ve ever made definitely has to be my “Impact the earth” mixed media piece. Something that started off as just a simple sketch, blossomed into something that has so much meaning on how I enjoy being outside and being part of nature. 216373_10150218399569903_3084111_n

I made the whole piece out of recycled materials which made me think a little harder on what to use since my medium was literally anything. I used two taped pieces of cardboard as the canvas and then covered all of that in newspaper. MANY SNIPS OF NEWSPAPER. After all of that I cut out the sketch I re-made from my sketchbook of the dryad women who is “one” with nature because she’s rooted into the ground.impact the earth

Its one of those pieces you’d really have to see in person because the message of the piece is hidden within the words of the newspaper. I added things like “impact the earth” and “recycle” because c’mon not gonna lie the world definitely needs some of that going on. The tree that is blowing in the wind is made out of scrapbooking paper, gum wrappers and playstation 2 buttons for the fruit that it bears. Who doesn’t love a video game tree?.318715_467673409923761_1386316589_nIts what I love about nature and what I love about life is that you can literally make anything out of it. Everyone should go out and do what they love and make a change in the world somehow. Fuck drake YOLO is not the motto but it is true you only live once.


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